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O CONSEVITIS-RS operates in three large areas:

Promotion: No Brazil, the commercialization of beverages from grapes is increasing every year. The CONSEVITIS-RS has the role of taking advantage of this potential and further stimulating the production, marketing and consumption of these beverages in Brazil and abroad. There are also relationship actions with the foreign market, through a work plan that provides for partnership with the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (ApexBrasil) and that contemplates the participation of fairs and international events, Buyer and Image projects, as well as of strengthening the brand and perception of the foreign image.

Setorial Ordinance: To achieve its mission, the Institute seeks to organize and strengthen the relationship between producers, industry, merchants and consumers. In this way, everyone benefits from the differences of each wine product and contributes so that they surpass the frontiers of the market.

Productive Management: CONSEVITIS-RS practices incentive measures to the productive chain both to provide better benefits to producers, and to provide better market conditions, giving support to the development of the sector.

Our vision

The wine sector is united and balanced for the healthy development of the entire production chain: community, producers, cooperatives, and industries.

A crate of grapes on a lawn