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The Institute of Management, Planning and Development of Viticulture of the State of Rio Grande do Sul - CONSEVITIS-RS has as its main purpose the support, dissemination and financing of demands established by the founding entities, approved through work plans, acting in the institutional ordering of the production, promotion and harmonization of the vitiviniculture production chain in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, comprising the production of grapes, wines, grape juice and other products derived from grapes and wine, in all its scopes: agricultural, productive , elaboration, technical, promotion, consumption, structural, organizational, cultural, environmental, juridical, legal and institutional, as well as in teaching, research, extension and institutional, scientific, technological and innovation development programs.

These actions are carried out based on sectoral policies, approved by the State Viticulture Development Fund (Fundovitis), created based on Law 10,989/1997, which provides for the production, circulation and sale of grapes and their derivatives, and originates from on the ICMS paid by the wineries on the acquisition of grapes.

Among the strategic activities of CONSEVITIS-RS are encouraging consumption and boosting the sale of national wine, both in the domestic and foreign markets.

The Institute has the participation of grape producers, the wine industry and wine cooperatives, including:

A representative of rural producers, appointed by the Unions of Rural Workers, represented by the Association of the Interstate Grape Commission (ACIU);

A representative formally appointed by the Unions of Rural Producers;

A representative appointed by Uvibra;

A representative appointed by Agavi;

Two representatives appointed by Fecovinho;

The State of RS, through the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Sustainable Production and Irrigation, is allowed one member with the right to speak, and one guest of the ABE, without the right to vote.

It is up to CONSEVITIS-RS to deliberate on the Annual Development Plan for Viticulture and the general budget of revenues and expenses, observing the basic objectives of harmonic development, efficiency and sustainability of the wine sector of Rio Grande do Sul in the search for duly quantified results.

With this, the focus is on contributing to the development of the grape and wine production chain and its derivatives, organizing and strengthening the relationship between producers, traders and consumers, maximizing the consumption of wine products, propagating the culture related to wines, sparkling wines and Brazilian grape juice, respecting the specificities and needs, in addition to expanding opportunities arising from possible partnerships with the public sector, producer associations, technical teaching, research and extension entities.

Our vision

The wine sector is united and balanced for the healthy development of the entire production chain: community, producers, cooperatives, and industries.

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  • Mission

    Plan and execute actions for the maintenance and promotion of the wine sector in Rio Grande do Sul.

  • Purpose

    To promote, maintain and develop qualitatively, and in a sustainable way, the wine production in Rio Grande do Sul, adding value to the products, brands and image of the sector in order to promote the culture of consumption of our wine and grape juice in Brazil and worldwide.

  • Values

    Union, balance, and sustainable social, environmental, and economic development.

  • Vision

    The wine sector is united and balanced for the healthy development of the entire production chain: community, producers, cooperatives, and industries.

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